Lisa Cohen

Voice of the Child | Counselling

A highly skilled clinical psychologist, Lisa has been practising since 1982 in a variety of settings, working with individuals, couples, families, adolescents, organisations also providing supervision in both private practice, community-based and not-for-profit organisations and services. This includes working with youth offenders, at-risk adolescents, prisoner rehabilitation, drug and alcohol abuse, sexual abuse and student counselling. Through her general private practice, Lisa specialises in trauma and recovery, post-traumatic stress disorder, personality disorders, depression, anxiety, pain management and family and couple therapy.

Having worked with individuals from a wide range of backgrounds, Lisa has the ability to create a supportive, compassionate and non-intimidating environment in which an individual is encouraged to be an active participant in their journey towards achieving emotional well-being, sustainable relationships and balanced lifestyle management.

A knowledgeable, understanding and creative approach offers pragmatic tools and guidance for a range of concerns, including:

• Mood Disorders
• Depression, Anxiety and Distress
• Addictions
• Relationship Issues
• Sexual abuse assessment and treatment
• Pain management
• Workplace issues and conflict dynamics
• Life path and career issues
• Stress, emotional health and well-being
• Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID)
• Grief

Through the integrated use of complementary techniques suited specifically to the requirements of the individual, Lisa assists clients to make positive change, gain clarity, focus and insight, develop emotional resilience and overcome personal challenges.
These competencies include evidence-based techniques to facilitate healing and growth, including:

• Cognitive Behaviour Therapy
• Acceptance and Commitment Therapies
• Mindfulness Based Therapies
• Dialectical Behaviour Therapies
• Affect Regulation Therapy
• Trauma Focused Therapies
• Hypnosis and Relaxation
• Psychodynamic Psychotherapy

Lisa has always worked holistically with mindfulness, compassion and acceptance, recognising that if a person is going to heal and make changes we need to work on all levels, seeing the person as a whole being. Change will only happen if it is at a deep level and meaningful to the person. My holistic approach allows me to truly connect with an individual and to tailor focused, meaningful strategies for change that resonate with their personal situation or goals.

Couples and Families
Lisa works collaboratively with couples and families to enrich and strengthen their relationship, acknowledge challenges and establish deepened communication. When frustration or dissatisfaction are replaced with understanding and respect, you can focus on developing a happy and sustainable relationship.

Common issues include:

• Communication
• Infidelity
• Separations
• Lifestyle difference
• Disconnection or loss of intimacy
• Conflict, anger or violence
• Family concerns & merged families

MA(SocSci) | BSc(Psych)
Languages: English
Areas of Expertise:
  • Adolescent/Teenage Issues
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Extended Family Issues
  • Gambling Addiction
  • Gender Issues
  • Grief
  • Multi-Cultural Relationships
  • Parenting/Care and Contact Issues
  • Re-Partnered/Blended Family Issues
  • Separation
Experience with specific cultural, religious, ethnic, or gender groups:
  • Eastern European
  • Gay
  • Indian
  • Jewish
  • Lesbian
  • Middle Eastern
  • Māori
  • Pasifika
  • Transgender