Expenses under $575

Mediator’s Disbursements: Travel and Expenses

Funding is available for you as an FDR Provider on the following basis:

  • TRAVEL TIME: $63 excluding GST per hour rounded to the nearest half hour ($72.45 incl. GST);
  • TRAVEL BY CAR: if the distance is more than 50km, currently $0.79 per km excluding GST (rate set by the Inland Revenue Department);
  • AIR TRAVEL: the actual airfare for the cheapest and most direct route available; and
  • ROOM HIRE: please note this is available only where you conduct a mediation outside of your normal office location. Funding is available up to a maximum of $230 (including GST) per day pro-rated, ie if a room is required for a half-day, funding will be limited to $115 (including GST). Important: Funding for room hire is not available for the mediator’s or FDRC’s own rooms. 

If the total claimed is over $575.00 (incl GST) per event, prior approval is required. If travel expenses and room hire are likely to exceed $575, please let your case manager know at the earliest possible time in advance of making any bookings so that they can arrange prior approval. Click here to fill out a copy of the travel expenses.