Gerard Sullivan

We are delighted to announce that Gerard Sullivan, one of our highly experienced mediators, has successfully completed the Elder Mediation International Network (EMIN) Elder Mediation Certification Program. Gerard is the first mediator in New Zealand to achieve this professional designation.

EMIN’s vision is to inspire excellence in the practice of Elder Mediation throughout the world and, with its certification programme and Code of Ethics, EMIN accreditation really is the gold standard in this specialist area of dispute resolution and conflict management.

The term ‘Elder Mediation’ relates to the mediation process adopted to resolve any dispute concerning at least one elder party. Family and relationship conflicts often arise around elder issues, for instance, care arrangements, housing, health and financial issues. Elder mediation can help parties work through these times of conflict to make an effective plan to deal with any such issues in a safe, effective, and respectful manner.

Specific issues often arise with elder disputes which typically involve multiple parties and multiple issues, and are frequently inter-generational. They are also often complex in nature and can involve a mix of legal, financial, and/or medical issues, together with familial, social, and/or spiritual/religious concerns. This requires a mediator who is specifically skilled and experienced to meet the needs of the parties to these types of dispute.

Having a mediator like Gerard, who has met the exacting standards of EMIN’s accreditation programme, working with us at the FDR Centre is an absolute privilege and we are delighted to be able to offer a specific elder mediation service with such highly skilled and experienced mediators.

Gerard is not only a specialist in providing elder mediation services, he is also a registered psychologist with particular skills in working with anxiety, depression, and addictions. Gerard has conducted more than 1500 mediations to date and is highly regarded in his field.

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By 2051, there are predicted to be over 1.14 million people aged 65 years and over in New Zealand.

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